Dr. Yvonne Rothemund


Yvonne Rothemund created concept and content of this site in the years 2008-2013, after she fell ill with a sacral chordoma. She then realized how little information was available online for chordoma patients and their loved ones, in particular in German. As a neuroscientist, Yvonne had access to scientific literature. She spent much of her energy to collect and edit the relevant information for this site.

Yvonne Rothemund studied first biology, then psychology at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She earned her PhD with Herta Flor about the representation of the trunk region in the primary somatosensory cortex. Her dissertation at the Universität Heidelberg was awared the highest grade summa cum laude (with distinction). Yvonne spent two research stays with Jon Kaas at Vanderbilt University in Nashville (USA). She then became a Research Associate at Charité Berlin in the Medical Clinic Focussed on Psychosomatics, where among other things she conducted the first fMRI-study on Adipositas. She could show that in Adipositas there are similar neural activity patterns as in drug addicts.

In spring 2007, Yvonne was diagnosed with sacral chordoma. In the years that she lived with and fought the illness, she kept up her spirits as much as her unmatched humor. Yvonne died of complications from chordoma in April 2013, a few weeks before her 42nd birthday. She was buried in the Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.